14th Annual Children's Consignment Sale

Serving the area for over 20 years.



Selling at our Sale is as Easy as 1,2,3!!! Just Register, Tag and Prepare your items, then Drop them off.  We will do the rest!!

1. Returning Consignors

Welcome Back!  Please sign in for this year's sale by clicking below.  Your password is the last 4 digits of your phone number (unless you changed it). Don't forget to review the information found below to make your drop off run smoothly!

Returning Consignor

1. New Consignors

Welcome to our Sale! Consigning is open to the Public. Items must be clean and pass quality check on Drop off Day. Please see below for important documents and quality control information.

New Registration

2.Create and Print Tags

All Consignors must use our online tagging system. This barcode system allows us to more efficiently keep track of items sales. All tags must be printed on WHITE CARDSTOCK. This is thicker than normal paper and more durable for our purposes. ALL TAGS MUST BE CREATED BY 6PM  ON THURSDAY 10/10/2019!

Create/Print Tags

3. Drop Off Time

All Consignors need to sign-up for a drop-off time for Friday October 11th if not done at registration. Drop off times run from 8am-4pm. 

Schedule Drop Off


ALL CONSIGNORS should download and review the information below. Questions?  Please Feel free to ask.  It is much better to ask questions ahead of time than to have an issue at drop off!!

Contact Us

Quality Control


Please be aware that at drop-off, we will be‚Äč checking over individual items. Depending on how many items you have and how many other cosigners are dropping off, this can take up to 30-45 minutes.

When we look at clothes, we are looking for stains, rips, tears, or other signs of wear. For example: pants with the knees worn out, shirts that are pilled or stretched out-of-shape, items with buttons missing, shoes with scuffs or worn down soles, etc.

The lights in the gym show EVERYTHING. We know that it takes a long time to tag clothes and other items. Our goal is sell high quality items that make people want to return to the sale each year. Clothes with excessive wear and stains should not be brought to the sale. We do not want you to waste you time tagging items that we cannot sell.

If you plan to consign a Pack-n-Play, please be aware that we are going to ask you to set it up at drop-off for a visual inspection. We will not accept pack-n-plays that are dirty, stained, smell or are ripped. Please check your Pack-n-Play at home and be ready for a careful inspection. You need to wipe it down before drop-off.

Larger large toys and equipment like saucers and learning tables need to be clean. Consignors need to clean in and around ALL parts of the item. Items with dirt stuck in between parts will be rejected.

If you keep your sale items in a garage, shed, basement or other similar environment, please be aware that these items may start to smell, or become mildewed.

We cannot accept clothes with animal hair on them, no exceptions.

If you group items together (3 shirts, 2 part outfits) please carefully check over each item. If we reject one part of the bundle, we cannot accept the group.

The top size allowed for Children's Clothing is Pre-teen(10-12 years). Please do not bring adult Women's and Men's clothing to pass off as pre-teen. Rack space is limited and we will deny items that are not suitable for the pre-teen racks. The only adult size clothing permittable is Maternity wear. Continued non-compliance with this policy will result in elimination of this category at the sale.

During Quality Control check-in, we will also be looking at your tags to make sure that they are properly secured to the item.

At check-out we need access to the bar code on the tag. Tags must be affixed to the OUTSIDE of freezer bags holding multiple items. Items that do not follow these guidelines will not be accepted.

Car seats expire! Check the bottom for dates. We will not accept any expired car seats.

We do not accept cribs with drop-down sides. No exceptions. We ARE accepting cribs that DO NOT have drop-down sides.

Stuffed Animals cannot be sold or donated unless they are new in a box or sealed manufacturer packaging.

Please check your items for Recalls- www.recalls.gov

Consignor Letter
This is a general overview of information needed to consign.

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Tagging Checklist
This checklist will provide you with VERY important information to help tag your items properly. 

Get Checklist

Drop off Checklist
Everything all tagged?  Now go through this list to be sure that drop off is a breeze!!

Get Checklist

You will electronically sign your contract at registration, but you can download a copy here if needed.


Hanger Pickup

Hangers will be available approximately 9/10/18-drop off day for pick up as supplies are available. Please us appropriate size hangers and return extras ASAP.

Hanger pick up location: Child's Play by the Bay- 1510 Savannah Road, Lewes, DE 19958